About the Project

The aim of the project is to make social impact and to inspire people to be a change in the world, to become an incentive for local societies from partnership countries to be creative and socially involved. The project aims to motivate people to bring about positive change – it intends to teach people how to develop creative solutions in order to address various social problems as well as to spread knowledge about social enterprises and to empower people to see social entrepreneurship as a force for social change. Within the partnership partner institutions will exchange good practices and ideas about social entrepreneurship and they will create basic content for the website about the developed ideas and entrepreneurial skills.

The target group of the project are local communities, learners from partners’ organisations as well as other adults.

Teaching outcomes

Participants will:

  • understand the complexity of social change and the concept of social entrepreneurship,
  • learn to appreciate how social entrepreneurs mobilise resources to affect social change,
  • gain knowledge and understanding of the meaning of social entrepreneurship,
  • gain knowledge about the principles of social entrepreneurship,
  • develop their ability to identify social problems and challenges,
  • gain knowledge and understanding with respect to social entrepreneurship.